Nikki Stringfield w/ SkumLove & Emily V

NIKKI STRINGFIELDw/ SkumLove & Emily V142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ Only About the artist:Originally hailing from Dallas, Texas, guitarist Nikki Stringfield is a force to be reckoned with. After touring internationally with popular tribute band The Iron Maidens and shredding originals with Heaven Below, Nikki decided it was finally time to release her debut solo EP, “Harmonies For The Haunted.” Filled with powerful guitars and driving, melodic vocals, it has already been met with an enthusiastic response worldwide from her loyal and ever-growing fan base. With her second signature model Schecter guitar in tow, Nikki has been hard at work on her much anticipated first full-length album, which she will be releasing at this show! For any additional questions, please check out our FAQ page here: your questions are not answered there, please reach out to us at

Songs of White Lion Ft. Mike Tramp w/ Subsurface Tension & Mori’s Memento

SONGS OF WHITE LION FT. MIKE TRAMP, THE ORIGINAL LEAD SINGERw/ Subsurface Tension & Mori’s Memento 142 Pacific Coast Hwy,Hermosa Beach, CA 9025421+ Only Mike Tramp, legendary White Lion singer, songwriter and front man stepped out on his own in 1995 and began his 23-year long solo career. With eleven consistent solo albums to his name, and now 5/1/20 releasing his 12th solo album “Second Time Around”. Tramp has never steered off his path and is charging forward with confidence, no desire to look back. Tramp says, “It really just meant that I knew who I wanted to be and sound like when I recorded my first solo album twenty-two years ago. I just wanted to be me, and I am damn proud I stuck to my guns. White Lion was a chapter and a journey I was on; it was a one-way ticket with no return.” The hair trend of the decade has since faded, but the music lives on, stronger than ever. To tame the big sound of the 80s hair metal genre, Tramp is for the first time touring as a Power Duo, with his trusted guitar slinger friend Marcus Nand, adding the sound of the Electric Guitar to his already well proven acoustic solo set. Now in 2020 this Power Duo, will play an exclusive vintage White Lion set around the world, given back to the fans, who have supported and followed Tramp since the days off long hair. He states, “It’s both challenging and a joy for me. Still, the truth is that people don’t know that most of these big rock songs started out as folk music in a Brooklyn, NY basement.” Which is the true secret why they still work on stage, even in the simplest version. Born and bred in Copenhagen, Denmark, brought his sound here and “forty-three years later, it’s still what I do on the endless highway. I am me twenty-four hours a day, I don’t have to put make up on or become a character. I am the same when I shop in Walmart, as when I am on stage playing, singing and telling stories, inviting the audience with me on my journey through life. It’s here that I’ve found peace and happiness, I have come home.”For any additional questions, please check out our FAQ page here: your questions are not answered there, please reach out to us at

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