January 10, 2020 9:00 pm ( Doors: 6:00 pm )
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The Iron Maidens
Heavy Metal

Formed in 2001, The Iron Maidens have quickly established themselves as one of southern California’s most popular tribute acts and are rapidly gaining international recognition. The band boasts beauty as well as excellent musicianship, lively stage presence, and a remarkable stage show with theatrical scenes interspersed throughout.

First and foremost on the agenda of The Iron Maidens is talent. These women are highly trained professionals with diversified musical backgrounds ranging from orchestral and musical theater to blues and rock. The band and its members have been the recipients of many awards including best tribute band, and best in category (guitar, bass, drums, voice) at events such as The Rock City News Awards, The LA Music Awards, and The All Access Magazine Award Show to name a few. The line-up is Kirsten “Bruce Chickinson” Rosenberg on vocals, Linda “Nikki McBURRain” McDonald on drums, Courtney “Adriana Smith” Cox and Nikki “Davina Murray” Stringfield on guitars, and Wanda “Steph Harris” Ortiz on bass.

The Iron Maidens cover Iron Maiden material from all eras of the band’s career, encompassing the band’s biggest hits as well as fan favorites. The stage show includes appearances by Maiden mascot Eddie, the grimreaper, the devil and more.

The Iron Maidens have packed houses everywhere they have played.

The Iron Maidens cover Iron Maiden material from all eras of the band’s career, encompassing the band’s biggest hits as well as fan favorites. The stage show includes appearances by Maiden mascot Eddie, the Grim Reaper, the Devil and more.
Doyle Rules - Tribute to The Misfits

On Friday the 13th in October of 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar and had them tortured and killed; and in July of 2013, two musicians named Ryan Vuckovich (singer) and Nicholas Hrboka (guitarist) contemplated how they would kill and torture audiences with the best Misfits tribute ever assembled. Their first plan of attack was to be one of the few tributes that would not only play Glen Danzig era Misfits, but would also play a heavy assortment of Michael Graves Misfits—an amazing and sadly underappreciated period in the bands history.

ext, a name needed to be chosen; one that would properly represent the sonic assault. Boka, a fan of Adam Sandler films, shouted out loud the band’s war-cry: “Doyle Rules”—a play off of “O’Doyle Rules” from Billy Madison. The name was perfect. When any punk fan heard the scream Doyle Rules they knew that they would be experiencing a tribute that would play songs from an era that included Danzig and Graves songs— the Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein era of the Misfits. Now all that needed to be done was to complete the lineup. Ryan called up his old friends AJ Graves (drums) and Danny Molina (bass), both avid Misfits fans who were excited to try out. The four musicians blasted through 20 plus songs in less than an hour and they all knew that this force was going to work.

The band could have started their attack early that summer but decided it would be more fitting to wait till the month of Halloween when Fiends were hungry to hear Misfits; and on October 3rd 2013 at a venue in Pasadena called the Terrance, Doyle Rules made their debut to a crowd that were not satisfied with the 45 minute set the band played—they wanted to hear more. So in order to quench the hunger, Fiends followed the trail of blood that Doyle Rules left at every performance; and for 5 years these Fiends have continued to follow the band that will play their favorite Misfits songs off classic albums like Static Age, Earth A.D., American Psycho, and Famous Monsters. Fiends have also been treated to special executions like the time the band performed the album Walk Among Us in its entirety. Now, with the addition of Jesse “Chainsaw” Brown (bass), Doyle Rules will continue to slaughter any other Misfits tribute who thinks that they can take on the gang; because when these guys play, “DEATH COMES RIPPING!”



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