Death By Stereo

Death By Stereo

Hoist The Colors, Lose Control, true rivals

Thu, September 24, 2015

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Saint Rocke

Hermosa Beach, CA


This event is 21 and over

Death By Stereo
Death By Stereo
Since their inception in 1998, DEATH BY STEREO has been balancing consciousness and chaos with their unique genre-bending amalgam of hardcore, metal and punk. Previously, the band released their last five studio records via Epitaph, Indecision and Serjical Strike Records.

DBS, as they are known by many of their loyal followers, have assembled a worldwide fan base built upon a seemingly endless international tour schedule, with enough passport stamps to make many of their contemporaries jealous. They have shared the stage many times over with the likes of Slipknot, AFI, Serj Tankian, Avenged Sevenfold, and Rise Against, just to name a few. They have headlined some of the biggest and best festivals around the world (Germany's "With Full Force", Belgium's "Grozerock", U.S.'s "Warped Tour" and Colombia's "Rock Al Parque"). Having toured in over 20 countries is an accomplishment few bands of any stature can lay claim to.
Hoist The Colors
Hoist The Colors
Hoist the Colors isn't an "LA" band in any conventional sense. In a city that sometimes values style over substance, they are a working man's band. They aren't jaded, there is no irony or posing; Hoist the Colors is a group of genuine individuals who genuinely love what they do.

But Los Angeles has shaped the band. Like the cultural fabric of their city, their music is an eclectic mix, the product of different traditions coming together to create something totally original. And LA can be a brutal city. Ugly and sprawling, it has a tendency to wear you down, to swallow you up, and it's made the band work harder, persevere longer, and come out stronger on the other side.

Hoist the Colors plays a blend of punk rock, traditional Irish music, and American folk and bluegrass. The band began humbly, in lead singer and songwriter Josh Linden's living room in 2007. "A few friends and I were bored and began learning Irish rebel songs and Pogues covers on these acoustic instruments that we really didn't know how to play," he recalls. Soon the friends recruited a drummer and fiddle player, began writing their own versions of rebel songs, and started playing at local bars under the name Hoist the Colors. Raucous and spirited performances attracted a loyal following and word quickly spread. The band soon found themselves playing marathon pub shows that regularly drew packed houses, all blood, sweat, and spilled beer.

A year after self-releasing their debut album Second City, the band headed back to the studio for their second effort, teaming up with new label Hardline Entertainment for 2012's Miles To Go Before We Sleep. Inspired by their dedication to their craft, the title is a statement about the band's commitment to pushing their music forward, and the limitless possibilities of the road ahead. Songs like "Gordie Lachance," "Dance Through the Days," and "Gold," speak to the album's theme of dedicating oneself to a life less ordinary.

Whereas Second City was a portrait of a band discovering their sound, Miles To Go is the band's most definitive statement to date. As singer Linden explains, "We spent the first record figuring out who we were. With Miles To Go Before We Sleep, we've found our sound, refined and made it bigger and tighter - bigger choruses, bigger vocal harmonies, and tighter arrangements and instrumentation."

The band's commitment to their music has begun to pay off, resulting in sold out shows in their hometown and recognition across the U.S. Miles To Go Before We Sleep was named the best celtic album of the year by Celtic Music blogger Grinning Beggar, was named the #2 album of the year (Editor's Pick) by punk rock blog Dying Scene, and their video for "Gordie Lachance" was featured on In addition, venerated music magazine Alternative Press named the band one of their 100 Bands You Need to Know for 2013.

The band has shared the stage with the likes of Ignite, Authority Zero, The English Beat, The Black Pacific, The Ramshackle Army (Australia), The Young Dubliners, Tomorrow's Bad Seeds, and many more. Now with a solid lineup, Hoist the Colors plans to tour non stop behind their new record, with a West Coast tour slated for the summer of 2013.

Miles to go Before We Sleep is currently available for purchase on iTunes and is streaming on Spotify. For fans of The Pogues, Mumford and Sons, Flogging Molly, and Bad Religion.
Lose Control
Lose Control
LOSE CONTROL was founded in Hermosa Beach, California by Jeff Nisen and A.J. Bartholomew in the Fall of 2011. With a shared love for heavy metal music, Nisen and Bartholomew began playing music together at a young age in middle school, and while Nisen went on to form the band Sand Section and Bartholomew formed Allura, destiny did eventually reach down her guiding hand and steered them back in each other's direction in 2010. At that point it was painfully evident that both their chemistry and "kick ass" factor were undeniable and they soon began writing songs together.

In the Fall of 2011, Nisen and Bartholomew teamed up with drummer/producer Mike Sutherland and began work on their self titled debut, Lose Control EP, which was released in June of 2012. They enlisted Bret Bollinger from Pepper and Andre Davis from Tomorrow's Bad Seeds to share time on the bass guitar in the studio and ultimately birthed a completely new heavy metal sound. The bass has since been taken over by Mitch Davis who is also a key songwriter and vocalist for the group. In the Fall of 2013 Patrick Salmon, formerly of Tomorrows Bad Seeds, became the band's full-time drummer.

In April of 2014 Lose Control released their first studio LP, Let If Be Known, to overwhelmingly positive reviews. The album is a further realization of their signature "dual lead" guitar sound, complete with strong vocal melodies, and a heavy metal backbone comparable to anyone else in the business. Within a short time the band has already shared the stage with Unwritten Law, Shiny Toy Guns, and Authority Zero, as well as played two venerable KROQ Microbrew Festivals in Southern California. Currently the band has its sights on a lengthy summer of touring in 2014 in support of Let It Be Known.

Lose Control has its roots tied closely to bands such as Black Sabbath and Guns N Roses, but they have added their own contemporary twist combined with guitar shred virtuosity ranging from Randy Rhoads to Dimebag Darrell. One thing is for sure, Lose Control has crafted a sound that reminds people that hard rock is far from dead. It is a sound that is guaranteed to captivate fans of all styles of hard rock music, and all connoisseurs of awesomeness. It is a sound that looks you square in the eyes and tells you to sit down while it explodes all over your face, peeling flesh from bone. So go ahead, crank it up and LOSE CONTROL.
true rivals
Punk Rock n' Roll from Los Angeles.
Debut record #TheRevenant out now!
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Saint Rocke
142 Pacific Coast Highway
Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254