with R.E.M.itation
December 1, 2018 8:00 pm ( Doors: 6:00 pm )
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Classic Rock

Fronted by Australian native, Jozsef James, the hard working professional musicians of INXSIVE give audiences an authentic live interpretation of one of the 80’s best-loved Front-men, Michael Hutchence and the band, INXS.

INXSIVE has recreated the sound that made INXS a successful and enormously popular band.
That unmistakable sound will transport you back to the 80’s……
when this band from down-under ruled the airwaves and MTV!

INXSIVE performs the “Best of INXS”: 
the dance hits, the ballads and all 17 of the bands top 40 hits.

The popular music and bands of the 1980’s are once again en vogue.
Now, more than ever, 80’s Tribute Bands are enjoying the audiences’ passion and support for their music.

INXSIVE brings that passion to life with an unbelievable recreation of an exciting Live Concert by one of the decades greatest bands, INXS.



Welcome to R.E.M.itation, the world’s most authentic tribute to R.E.M. The four-member group from Southern California focuses on authenticity in their look and sound, from the erratic gyrations of Michael Stipe, to the smooth melodic lines from Mike Mills and Peter Buck, to the pulsating rhythms of Bill Berry. R.E.M.itation takes you back to a time when college radio was but a blip on the map… and when “alternative” ultimately spilled into the mainstream. You’ll hear the best of the IRS and Warner Bros years, including all the hits, deep cuts and surprises in between.