Eric Sardinas

Eric Sardinas

Willie and the Road Tramps, Desert Eagle

Thu, May 14, 2015

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Saint Rocke

Hermosa Beach, CA


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Eric Sardinas
Eric Sardinas
LOS ANGELES, CA – Blues rock guitarist Eric Sardinas and Big Motor are set to release their label debut CD, Boomerang, on January 13 from Jazzhaus Records, distributed nationally by the Allegro Media Group. Produced, engineered and mixed by Matt Gruber, the basic tracks for Boomerang were recorded at Clearlake Audio. The 10 songs on the new CD features eight originals and blazing covers of songs from Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller ("Trouble") and legendary bluesman Howlin' Wolf ("How Many More Years"). The core trio band includes Eric Sardinas (vocals, electrified custom dobro resonators, steel and acoustic resonators), Levell Price (bass) and Bryan Keeling (drums), along with several special guests.

"If you throw a boomerang the right way, it will come back," explains Sardinas about the album's title. "And life is similar to this game with a boomerang – you sit there with a broken heart, and yet at the same time know it must go on - that you must move forward. You take a few steps forward and then a few back. That basically in some ways corresponds to the principle of a boomerang. And that's what it's about in the title song, but also in many of the other tracks that take on the topic in different facets and from different perspectives, then come together and make a whole."

Working on Boomerang brought a whole new experience to Sardinas, who lives in Los Angeles, when he is not somewhere in the world on tour. "We recorded the songs in between tours, not all at once, as we had always done before," he explains. "There was no other way - we had no choice, because our schedule was so jam-packed in the past few years with performances all around the world. On the other hand, it gave us the advantage to take our stage energy into the studio with us. It was all only possible though, because I wrote all my songs on the road. When I came home, I had a pile of papers, napkins and other little snippets on which I kept my ideas, and then at home I brought them all together. But that's how I get plenty of inspiration, which expresses the reality of my fans in which they can find themselves. I don't come up with grandiose lyrics, but rather scoop them up from real life. And I am sure that many song ideas came from Germany, where I have toured for many years."

Boomerang comes three years after the release of his last album, Sticks & Stones. "That is one reason why I waited so long with my original release-idea," Eric says about how the CD came to be. "I had wanted to do four mini-releases with five songs each over the course of the year, but after discussing it with Jazzhaus, I decided to deliver a collection of 10 songs on one CD."

The selection of the Leiber/Stoller classic, "Trouble," as one of the cover songs has special meaning to Eric Sardinas. "My first concert that I attended at a young age was an Elvis Presley show," he recalls. "He more than mesmerized me with his energy on stage – and his songs were simply awesome! 'Trouble' was always one of my favorites that he performed. In this way, I want to carry on his legacy."

The way he performs "Trouble" on Boomerang exemplifies Sardinas' musical ambition. "I want to bring straight rock n' roll and blues together and mix them up into my own thing," he states. And the manner of how that song was recorded in the studio added to the composition: "We were all in a room playing together and then afterwards just added little bits and pieces to it. Matt 'Groove' Gruber is responsible for this creative type of recording. He also worked with us on the last album, Sticks & Stones; he is just the right producer for us. Matt is a musician himself and understands my concerns and just gets the best out of me - he pushes me to new limits."

Talking about his own legacy as a musician, Eric says, "I've been lucky enough during my career both on the stage and in the studio to have had the opportunity to play with some of blues' greatest musicians. Those titans of blues are unfortunately all passing and leaving us with their great legacy. But I wanted to really stay original and natural, somewhat similar to my first album, Treat Me Right. In a way, with Boomerang I went back to my roots. We once again recorded onto good old tape and not until later in the post production did we use the opportunity of today's digital studio technology."

Once again, Sardinas has continued to play on his resonator guitar and forgone the use of an electric guitar. "The resonator, specifically my signature model that was built especially for me, offers so many possibilities of expression that I pretty much have no need for special effects devices," he explains. "I can just really have fun with this instrument and use it in so many ways, create such a power with it and get such sounds from it, that I can't imagine playing on any other instrument."

A different experience, that he could have gone without was one that hindered the final work on Boomerang. "At one of the last European shows in Austria, I invited some people onto the stage for a jam session," he remembers. "It was pretty cramped onstage and as I was trying to make space my boot got hooked on the floor and I fell off the stage and broke my leg. But it's okay now; I just had to take it easy for a while so that I could heal and be ready to start touring again. And yes, I'm very lucky that my music is popular everywhere, that I have been able to break through (no pun intended) with my music in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Europe and North America – it isn't always easy to please all the fans with enough shows."

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