Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

The Knitts, Danny Hamilton

Sun, April 23, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:45 pm

Saint Rocke

Hermosa Beach, CA


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Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers are musical beacons of the Southwest. Over the last fifteen years, the Arizona-based quartet has delivered vivid lyrics, addictive guitar riffs, and a full-bodied rhythm section on more than a dozen studio and live albums. The Independent marks the group’s newest release and seventh studio effort, which raises a metaphorical glass to the road less traveled and champions the courageous.

After landing in the top ten of Billboard’s Internet Sales Chart for six consecutive albums—all on independent labels and twice at number one—RCPM is poised to lead the charge for a Spanish-infused, roots rock revolution. The band’s annual music festival in Rocky Point, Mexico, known as Circus Mexicus, is a testament to their growing fan base. What began as a rooftop show thrown together with extension cords and wooden pallets has blossomed into a pilgrimage that draws thousands of “Peacemakers” to the beach town every June. “There’s something about our music that celebrates what’s uniting versus what’s dividing,” says Clyne.

Irony played an integral role in the creation of The Independent, whose first track emerged from a stifling case of writers block. Armed with his guitar and battling creative blockades, Clyne unleashed the phrase “I ain’t got the words for this” and as a result the first lyrics for the album were realized. “Ain’t Got The Words” leads The Independent, exposing hearty vocal grit and liberating honesty.

The album features guitarist Jim Dalton, bassist Nick Scropos, drummer P.H. Naffah, and Clyne on vocals and rhythm guitar. While Clyne pens the bulk of the Peacemaker’s tunes, a long stretch of Northern California highway set the stage for Dalton’s lyrical debut. Traveling along the Causeway between Sacramento and San Francisco, RCPM’s tour bus came to a screeching halt. “The bus driver screamed back at us and said, ‘Guys I got nothing!’” recalls Dalton. “I grabbed my guitar and started strumming. The words ‘Just another California breakdown’ came tumbling out.”

The inspiration behind Dalton’s guitar-laden, hard luck tune “California Breakdown” remains one of the band’s favorite memories to date. After alerting fans via Facebook to their sidelined 40 ft tour bus, The Peacemakers received more offers for a ride than they could accept. Devout fans piled RCPM’s gear onto a landscape trailer, loaded the musicians into their cars, and headed into the sunset for the San Francisco show.

The title track off The Independent is a representation of the group’s Southwest influences, delivering an instrumental collaboration that evokes desperado imagery and draws inspiration from old west greats like Sons of The Pioneers. Inversely, the track “Geronimo” is a radio-ready anthem that begins with dark undertones and mariachi roots before building into an uplifting call to arms that chides, “Time to sing a new battle cry, get up out of limbo, step into the blue sky, geronimo!”

The reoccurring themes of independence and chance arguably stem from RCPM’s decision to record the album in Naffah’s Somos Studios, which also found the drummer in the role of producer. Clyne is no stranger to Naffah’s talents, as the pair originally began playing together in the celebrated 90’s alt-rock act The Refreshments. Clyne credits Naffah for being a solid component in his 100+ song repertoire.

Riding into the music industry on their own terms has been a longstanding philosophy for the band, and in this case created a sense of freedom that allowed Clyne & company to make an unapologetic album that’s pleasingly rough around the edges. Rich with commanding vocals, melodic bass lines, tambourine, and a hint of keys, The Independent embodies the spirit of RCPM.

“The Independent is a double entendre,” says Clyne. “It represents the solo sojourner, but it also frames the idea of moving forward as a collective group in the name of independence.”

Traveling off the beaten path works to the advantage of Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. Clyne has successfully spearheaded the production of his own ultra-premium sipping tequila called Mexican Moonshine Tequila, orchestrated an out of country music festival, and guided a band whose fan base has grown exponentially over the last decade. Clyne notes that the lyrics off the track “Right Where We Want ‘Em” sums up the sentiment of The Independent. The song speaks of encouragement and unlikely victory, stating, “Out numbered, out flanked, out muscled, out ranked and out gunned.” Clyne sings, “Take another long trip off a short plank, at a dead run. We got ‘em.”

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers “got ‘em right where we want ‘em now.”
The Knitts
The Knitts
Garage rock quintet The Knitts have graduated to the big leagues. Since first launching in 2011, The Knitts have honed their skills on the stage and in the studio via endless shows throughout the indie circuit of greater Los Angeles and a handful of releases. Their sound was birthed and nurtured in North Hollywood, the Valley as the locals call it, but their style and aesthetic is uniquely L.A.

For proof, sip on their latest single, "Get Up Get Out," which follows in the footsteps of Los Angeles rock royalty like Cold War Kids, Fitz and the Tantrums, Jane's Addiction and Haim. Reflecting an artistic graduation for the group, "Get Up Get Out" sees a more mature Knitts, with an evolved songwriting skill set, a clearer sense of self, and an impressive cannon of life experience for a band so young. Take, for example, the track's lyrics. When lead vocalist/keyboardist/primary songwriter Justin Volkens sings, "I started young thinking patience is virtue/Now it seems my cards have been dealt/You're the type that took all my failures/And turned them into love songs," it comes from a place built on heartache and pain.

The track itself is a bold take on garage rock and post-punk, with aggressive guitars and a punk rock, fuck-you attitude. Its charged, jumping chorus is melodic enough to inspire sing-along sessions yet angry enough to ignite bar fights and mosh pits, an energy perfectly brought to life via the track's youth revolt of a music video. This juxtaposition of nice and naughty heard on "Get Up Get Out" is a perfection reflection of their live shows, which often sees singer Volkens splitting his time on the stage with a ukulele in hand and riding above his fans when crowd surfing.

The current iteration of The Knitts embodies the final form of the rock rookies following a few lineup changes during their formative years at the former Hollywood music venue, The Knitting Factory, from which they adopted their name. Composed largely of the Volkens clan, the group features big brother Charlie on guitar, middle brother Justin on vocals, and baby half-bro Brandon Saige Sinclair-Volkens on drums, with lead guitarist Victor Portillo and bassist Jaime "Jimmy" Luque rounding out the band.

The band self-released their 2013 debut EP, Gutterboy, a collection of songs recorded in a matter of days. It marked the beginning story of these budding artists ready to leave their mark. Currently, the band is preparing their next project, the Simple Folk EP, out spring 2016 on Knitting Factory Records and featuring lead single "Get Up Get Out," which sees the group flexing the songwriting prowess they've been grooming for the past four years.

Now, with power single "Get Up Get Out" in tow and a newfound level of buzz lighting a fire underneath the collective creative unit, The Knitts are making their voice heard. And it's loud and clear: The Knitts are one must-watch, must-listen, must-experience act impossible to ignore.

—John Ochoa, 2015
Danny Hamilton
Danny Hamilton
No matter what you call the music, it's catching on in a big way! In addition to being listed in Music Connection Magazine's HOT 100 list, Danny has been nominated twice at the Los Angeles Music Awards for "Male, Singer-Songwriter of the Year" and once for "Independent Album of the Year." That album, 'Where Do I Fit In', was Danny's fourth independent release, is receiving rave reviews and is currently being played on indie and college radio stations all over the country! Danny and his band had a featured spot at the Inkslinger's Ball at Anaheim Stadium, and has rocked audiences at South By Southwest and numerous art & music festivals all over Southern California. Also, In 2008, Danny and his song I'm Still Here were featured on Country Music Television's "Music City Madness" contest which aired in December. The following year, his song "Bury the Devil" took him all the way to 2nd place in that same nation-wide competition on CMT! Danny currently has three songs placed in multiple episodes of MTV's second season of "My Life As Liz."
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