Puddle Of Mudd

Puddle Of Mudd

Swami Lushbeard, The Sutra, hIPNOSTIC

Sat, September 2, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Saint Rocke

Hermosa Beach, CA

$25.00 - $28.00

This event is 21 and over

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Puddle Of Mudd
Puddle Of Mudd
After four albums, platinum-plus sales, sold-out crowds and more than a dozen radio hits, Puddle of Mudd has cemented its reputation and its repertoire in the rock 'n' roll world. It's the proverbial force to be reckoned with, possessing the kind of track record that most bands would be proud to have had over an entire career. Think songs like "Blurry," "Drift & Die," "She Hates Me," "Away From Me" and "Psycho" for starters.

Rest assured it's been a good time, but now Puddle of Mudd wants to have some fun.

RE:(DISC)OVERED is an entirely different kind of endeavor for the group, which has been churning out its own material since their debut album Come Clean was released in 2001. This time the Mudd men have put down their pens in favor of recording 11 classic rock tracks by artists such as: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Steve Miller Band, AC/DC, Elton John and many others. Some are perfectly in character; others are surprising, but ultimately RE:(DISC)OVERED is Puddle of Mudd getting to both show and explore some different sides of its musical makeup.

"When we were on the road last time we were playing (AC/DC's) 'TNT', (Miller's) 'The Joker', 'War Pigs' by Black Sabbath and 'Summer Lovin'' from the Grease soundtrack -- just kind of bouncing around, doing covers," Scantlin says. "We never put any cover songs on our records before, so it just seemed like something fun to do. Plus they're all hit songs, all timeless songs. Who wouldn't want to make a record like that?"

Guitarist Paul Phillips adds that, "I think we needed something like this because it was a no pressure situation. We just wanted to do something for fun in the studio. We had a great time, and I think it was the right thing to do."

But don't think that the project was, as Scantlin would say, "easy peasy."

"It was challenging to sing these songs by these really legendary singers," he recalls. "Not only were these great songs and great performances, but they were all in their 20s when they wrote this stuff and recorded it. I really had to buckle down and push myself to get 'em right."

Song selection was the first order of business as Puddle of Mudd set out to make RE:(DISC)OVERED. The "committee," which included Scantlin, Phillips, Producer Bill Appleberry (Stone Temple Pilots), and band manager Danny Wimmer, initially threw around ideas and came up with a list of about 30 possibilities. That was whittled down to the batch the band decided to record, hitting Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz's Bomb Shelter studio in Los Angeles during January and February. The band utilized a few additional side musicians, including up-and-coming singer BC Jean, whose vocals grace the track "Stop Dragging My Heart around", originally recorded by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty.

"There's a reason that every song was chosen to be on the album," Phillips explains. "They were all songs and bands that we have been fans of forever. When choosing these songs, we really looked for ones that were both inspiring and challenging. We chose some that may be unexpected just so we could push the Puddle envelope a bit. We really wanted to stretch our legs on this one. It gave us a chance to try some things that we have never really done on our records." At the same time, the guitarist adds, Puddle of Mudd was not out to reinvent these tried-and-true favorites.

"We wanted to pay tribute to these songs rather than bastardizing them like a lot of people do when they do covers," Phillips says. "We really tried to keep them true to what they were. They are great songs already, so who am I to go in and change a Rolling Stones song? They're not slavish copies; these songs do have a Puddle of Mudd flavor to them, but we didn't go in and change parts just to make it sound more like us."

Scantlin confirms that "every single song on this record hits home with me," even those from particularly unexpected sources. Neil Young's "Old Man," for instance, carries the message that "everybody kind of ends up becoming their father one way or another." Meanwhile, Elton John's "Rocket Man" is a beautiful metaphor for life on the road.

"Rocket Man is like your girl's packing your bags and you're going on tour and 'I'll see you in about three months. I miss my family and I miss everybody, but you've got to go out there and do this musician thing," Scantlin notes. "So that hit home with me." And as far as Bad Company's "Shooting Star" is concerned, Scantlin says that, "It's directly related to my entire life, except for the very end, because I'm still alive."

Phillips was most surprised to be recording Led Zeppelin's "D'yer M'ker," "just because the reggae feel is not what we do." Nevertheless, he has a very personal attachment to the tune. "Growing up there was a guy down the street who was a little older and he used to drive me to school every day," the guitarist recalls. "He had this convertible VW Bug, and I swear he used to play that song every single day in his car, and I hated it because I was such a metal head. Growing up I was all about Metallica and whatnot, and I was like, 'This is the worst thing I've ever heard!' As time went on, I grew to appreciate classic rock, and Zeppelin has become one of my all time faves." Phillips says the solo on Free's "All Right Now" was his "arch nemesis." "The whole time that gave me problems," he says, "but luckily on the day of recording I managed to pull it off.

Billy Squier's "Everybody Wants You" was the most surprising track for Scantlin. "I never expected to see this one on the list, but it's really hooky and groovy. "As long as it's fun or feels good, I'm in."

Selections like that were key to Puddle of Mudd's mission in making RE:(DISC)OVERED. "People hear Puddle's gonna do a covers album and they think it'll be Nirvana and the Ramones and Metallica and stuff like that," Phillips says. "We wanted to stretch our legs, and it was a very challenging thing to have songs that have piano and these big crazy arrangements. I mean, doing an Elton John song with piano and backup singers is not the easiest of tasks. It's quite difficult, and that's exactly what we wanted."

Puddle of Mudd plans to give RE:(DISC)OVERED its due on the road, with a full set of its songs followed by an intermission and then "every Puddle of Mudd hit we've every released," according to Scantlin. There will be plenty of touring, he and Phillips promise, but they're also already writing new material and are excited to get back into the studio to apply some of the musical lessons they learned while making RE:(DISC)OVERED. "I think this kind of opens us up," Phillips says. "I think it brought everybody's playing up and created a platform for us to experiment a bit more and try some different things on the next record. The next record is a real important record for us and we really want to try to take it to the next level and surprise people, so I think (RE:(DISC)OVERED) is a great springboard for that to happen."

Scantlin adds that, "The whole process just inspired everyone. It brought us all back to our roots. I think it's going to have a big effect on the next original recording in a really good way."
Swami Lushbeard
Swami Lushbeard
From their home base in Los Angeles, Ca., the multi-talented Swami Lushbeard blazed onto the music-scene in 2009 with their critically-acclaimed debut-album, “Who You Were?” With their soon-to-be signature blend of raw & gritty rock, combined with a lush and genuinely melodic style of song-writing; their confident approach to both the stage and the studio quickly put this L.A. based band on the radar of music-fans both locally and worldwide.

The following years continued to see an increase in their productivity and creativity as Swami Lushbeard went on to release the “Who You Were? (Acoustic Sessions)” EP (2010), the “Every Inch” single (2011) and “A Burning Desire” EP (2013) – all recorded with original band members, including former bass player Andre Howie and dear friend and founding member Danny Kopel, who sadly passed-on in the summer of 2013. Though adjusting to the loss will never be easy – the memory of Danny lives on strongly through the continued efforts of Swami Lushbeard’s perseverance and journey forward.

At the core of Swami Lushbeard today are two brothers: M@ Sachs (Keyboards) and Ian Michaels (Drums) along with founding member and chief songwriter Don Sprouls (Vocals & Guitar). With the recent addition of Greg Safel (harmony vocals) and Darren Scholtz (Bass), the band feels like they’re finally realizing their potential. Humble, authentic and honest rockers who flip the switch into overdrive the moment they step onstage – Swami Lushbeard has become a staple of entertainment in the L.A. rock-scene, and their strikingly-vibrant brand of Rock has been featured at some of the most prominent hot-spots, clubs, and venues that California has to offer.

The release of their 2014 single “Where The Sheep Are Led” renewed the strong-interest in the band. Met with enthusiasm from critics and fans alike, “Where The Sheep Are Led” has been featured, reviewed & played through a ton of respected online music-sources and radio-stations and the support revitalized the band’s creativity, imagination and passion to an all-time high.

With 2016 coming to close the band eagerly released its latest effort to rave reviews and accolades. Examining the strength of the bond between relationships both inside the bloodline & out – “Blood Is Sicker Than Water” represents some of the strongest material Swami Lushbeard has created to-date. With thought-provoking lyrics written to challenge your mind and test your mettle – the songs on the new EP are bound to make you think every bit as much as make you move. Built on steady & reliable grooves and hook-laden rock with boldly progressive ideas threaded into each tune – the music has never been more personal…yet so relatable to us all, important and REAL.

With music that focuses on versatile & spirited instrumentation, complex-but-relatable rhythms and rock-vocals that range from focused, sweetened-melodies to all-out raucous-rock mayhem – Swami Lushbeard continues to gain traction in their career with new-fans discovering them daily online from all over the world.
The Sutra
The Sutra
A unique blend of Musicians across the Seven Seas joining Forces to make a Social Change through Positive Music, Rock Music!
hIPNOSTIC is a heavy rock band from Orange County, CA. Our music is driven by a passion for heavy contagious riffs, powerful rhythmic grooves, thought provoking arrangements that filter through a positive and hopeful lyrical message. The band draws inspiration from artists like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Chevelle, Seether, Shinedown and Red.

Our new single “Ain’t No Sunshine” truly embodies what the band’s music is all about and where we are headed in the future. It’s a unique heavy rock version of the classic Bill Withers tune with a dark moody spin. The band released its debut record "Dissolve Me" which garnered many positive reviews. Debra Stocker, Editor of All ACCESS said, "Dissolve Me is by far one of the best hard Rock/alternative sounding albums I've come across this year". Modern Fix Magazine had this to say, “The talent level is high, the range is varied, the voice is superior, the guitar riffs are catchy and there are numerous standout tracks on "Dissolve Me". There is a commercial shine to this made-for-radio band”.hIPNOSTIC received 4 nominations at the ALL ACCESS L.A. Music Awards, Best New Group, Best Hard Rock Band, Best overall album of the year, and won Best Alternative Male Vocalist. Their song “Ritual” was featured in the movie "The Dead Matter" and was included in the movie soundtrack. They were also fortunate that Fox Sports Net picked “Ritual” and “Heels On A Plank” for their “Re:Evolution of Sports” show.

In 2011, Blake and his long-time musical brother Rob Swanson reunited to push the band to a whole new level. The band continues to reach new melodic territories and create a broader sonic landscape. The intertwining of their guitar and bass personalities gives the band an even heavier rock sound. In 2015, the new line-up was complete with the addition of powerhouse drummer Lawrence Scott.

hIPNOSTIC is currently in the studio wrapping up the final stages of their next full-length release and promises it will be every bit the riff heavy journey that was set in motion with our new single “Ain’t No Sunshine”.
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Saint Rocke
142 Pacific Coast Highway
Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254